The North is the country’s highlands. Vast mountain ranges dominate the landscape and are the source of many rivers. Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s tallest peak, is famous among tourists during the cool season for the Mae Kha Ning (frost flower) phenomenon as well as a sea of fog, nature trails, waterfalls, and botanical scenes.

Chiang Mai is popularly known as the Rose of the North Chiang Mai is blessed with stunning natural beauty and unique indigenous cultural identity.

About 700 kilometres from Bangkok, Chiang Mai is situated in the Mae Ping River basin some 310 metres above sea level. Surrounded by high mountain ranges, it covers an area of approximately 20,107 square kilometres. The fertile terrain consists mainly of mountains and jungles parts of which are within national parks and are verdant with plentiful flora and fauna. There are many sites and locations which tourists can visit to study the lifestyle of the tribal people who live in the hills.

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